Best Kayaking Life Vest for Women 2021

Okay Ladies, we are going to get down and dirty with our PFDs or Personal Flotation Devices. Here are my picks for the Best kayaking life vest for women. Let’s Get Started In my previous article we did an overview of life preservers so you could get an idea of the types and basic uses … Read more

Lightweight Kayaks for Women

Well, hello ladies. I thought this would be an interesting topic to dive into. As I am over 50 and not a weight lifter and I enjoy kayaking solo. So we are going to take a look at light-weight kayaks for women. While they are not really gender specific, they are easier for us gals … Read more

Kayaking for the Health Benefits

Most of us do not get into kayaking for the health benefits. Let me tell you though, from a personal stand point, there are a lot of health benefits associated with the sport of kayaking. No matter what type of kayaking you are into. Let us break this down a bit and you will see … Read more

Choose The Right Kayak Paddle

The most important accessories you can purchase for your kayak is the paddle. No one wants to be up the creek without a paddle, if you know what I mean. So, we are going to look at how to choose the right kayak paddle for you. Here is a beautiful graphic to help you visualize … Read more

All About Kayaking Adventures

Hello Everyone, and thank you for joining me here on my Kayak Adventures website. I started this website to share my journey into the world of kayaking and to help those of you that have always wanted to try it out and to have the courage to go for it. Also, those of you that … Read more