Ascend Dry Bags – The Lime Green Wonder

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Hey guys, Let me tell you about one of my favorite kayaking accessories. I love Ascend dry bags.

Why Ascend

I know that there a lot of different brands of dry bags on the market. I’ll be honest, I have not used any other bag. My Ascend bag is a Heavy Duty, lime green bag. With a capacity of 10L’s and it is plenty big enough for my needs.

Ascend makes 4 basic sizes in their heavy-duty line. All are made of a thick, heavy-duty waterproof PVC material and sport electronic-welded construction on all the seams. These bags also have a roll-top design with quick release buckles to ensure the contents of the bag stay dry, as well as a built in D-ring for connecting to the kayak in case of flip overs. They are built tough for those rough rides. They do make a medium duty and a light duty bag as well. I chose the heavy-duty just for extra assurance.

Here are the specs on the heavy-duty line of bags.

10 L

Rolled/sealed size: 8” x 12”/20 x 35 cm

Rolled/sealed capacity: 610 cu in/10 L

20 L

Rolled/sealed size: 10” x 15”/25.5 x 38 cm

Rolled/sealed capacity: 1,220 cu in/20 L

30 L

Rolled/sealed size: 11” x 19”/28 x 48 cm

Rolled/sealed capacity: 1,830 cu in/30 L

55 L

Rolled/sealed size: 13” x 25”/33 x 63.5 cm

Rolled/sealed capacity: 3,356 cu in/55 L

Why A Dry Bag?

The answer is pretty obvious as to why we would want a dry bag. To keep your stuff dry, of course. I certainly would not trust my camera gear or my phone to a Ziploc baggy.

Even on a short day trip there are certain things you want to keep dry. You may even want more than one bag, depending on what kind of trip you are planning on taking. You could also use the dry bags to hold wet items, so you are not mixing them in with the dry stuff. The options are unlimited.

What’s In It?

You can put anything you want into your dry bag.

My dry bag typically has my phone, my camera and sometimes an extra lens for the camera, and some snacks. Okay you can’t go out on the kayak without snacks. There is nothing worse than soggy chips. I will say, if your dry bag is out in the sun, don’t put your chocolate in there. It will not make the trip.

Now, I am still working on my must have list for short trips on the kayak and I have yet to do a long trip on it. So I am sure my list will grow. Some things I can think of for sure are a towel, jacket, change of clothing, maybe even a dry pair of shoes. If you are planning on a longer trip, maybe an overnight trip. You would certainly want to keep your sleeping bag, tent, and other camping gear dry.

Maybe you have a separate bag for dirty clothes or wet clothes. That way you can keep track of them and not mix them with the good stuff.

How Do I Secure My Bag?

I have a few carabiner clips that I used to secure my bag to the kayak. They come in all sizes and strengths. You can also place them in the kayak, if you have a sit-in style kayak. You can also put them under the bungee straps that are commonly on kayaks.

Dry Bags are Important

So, why an Ascend dry bag? Well, I like the color, and the durability of my bag. I also like that I have options in weight and sizes of the bags. The price point is reasonable and I ran across some great reviews about the product. They are easy to open and close while I am on the water, and I am always pulling my camera out and putting it back. I hope you check them out and possibly add one to you stash of kayak accessories.

Let me know below in the comments if you have a dry bag and how you use yours. Thanks for joining me again.

Until next time!

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12 thoughts on “Ascend Dry Bags – The Lime Green Wonder”

  1. Thanks for your advice. Have you tried the light duty one? I assume is basically the same one, just a little smaller. I don’t need to carry many things so I was thinking that one would do the job for me. My need is just for the electronics so I don’t need a big bag. Also, I will take your advice and I won’t put any chocolate in there ;). Just kidding.
    Thank you, and I wish you the best.

    • I have not tried the lightweight one. They do make a smaller size in the heavy duty line. The lightweight line is made of a thinner material. That is why I went heavy duty. I liked the sturdiness of the fabric. Thank you for taking the time to check out my post.

  2. Thank you for your post. It is useful information for anyone who want to keep their stuff dry while outside. I had kayak several times, but I forget to bring dry bags. The consequences of the mistake were huge. Once I had my expensive camera soaked in the water for so long that it cost me a lot to repair.

    You give a straightforward answer to the question: Why a dry bag? At least you need to keep your expensive items, such as camera, phone, and other important document dry.

    I agree with you that dry bags are important. It is essential for you to enjoy your outdoor activities. 

    • Anthony,

      There is nothing that would ruin my trip faster than messing up my camera equipment. Sorry you had such a tragedy. Dry bags are essential and not expensive compared to replacing equipment. I hope you have a better experience the next time you go.

  3. Hello, Thank you so very much for this amazing review. Personally I agree with the fact that we all need a dry bag so as to keep our stuff dry. it is very important to enable us to keep our camera, phone, etc dry on every trip. I don’t have anyone right now and because of this review, I have seen that it is very vital to buy one and I am buying one immediately for my next trip. Thanks.

    • Yes, a dry bag is a must. Nothing worse than ruining your gear while out on a trip. Getting a bag is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Thank you for stopping in and spending some time here.

  4. Due to the fact that the fabric is sturdy and the lightweight line comprises a thinner material, I’d go heavy-duty. Definitely, you haven’t tried the light-duty one before? All I care for is just the gadgets, so there would be no need to carry heavy things all along. You do have a whole lot of advice here.
    Israel Olatunji

    • Israel,

      Correct, I have not tried the lighter-weight version of these bags. I went straight to the heavy weight just for my own piece of mind. It was worth the few extra dollars to protect my gear. 

      Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me here.

  5. I love the water, but I’ve never been kayaking. While I lived in Colorado, a lot of my friends were into that, and I just never had the time. Now I know you are listing these dry bags from Ascend on a site about Kayaking, but I would be interested in such an item for other purposes. Do you know if these bags can be submerged, and if so, it there a depth limit (pressure)? 

    More times than I can remember I’ve thought I’ve had my belongings secured from the water, only to learn once again that water, though a beautiful thing, can permeate almost anything. 

    Oh, last question… How durable are they? Are they thick and strong?

    Thanks for the info.


    • Darrin,

      I can tell you that the one I have is really thick and durable. As for submerging them, I at first glance would say yes, but I would certainly do a test run before placing anything valuable in it. As for depth, not sure. If you do a test run, I would certainly love to know the results.

  6. Enjoyed this review but thought your other review on other bags that you haven’t even used to be a waste of time since it’s nothing more than you commenting on other people’s reviews:(

    • AG, Thank you for your feedback and I am glad that you enjoyed this review. As for my other review, I could not possibly buy or use every bag on the market, so I did a review based on other reviews to save you the time and energy of searching for the information yourself. I am sorry if you did not find it helpful.


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