Ascend Kayak Reviews – Breakdown of the 10 ft models

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In this post we are going to focus on Ascend kayak reviews of their 10′-0″ series of kayaks.

As I have mention in previous posts, I personally own an Ascend D10T kayak. So I will review my likes and dislikes of my personal kayak and I will break down and review a couple of their other models.

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Ascend D10T

So, the Ascend D10T  pictured below is an actual picture of my personal kayak and is a couple of years old and I have used it a handful of times.

Mine is bright red, which I love, and only comes in the one color. It is 10′-0″ in length and 34″ wide.

I have only used it on Lake Taneycomo in Branson, Missouri. You can read  more about Lake Taneycomo by clicking on the link above.

Originally the White River. This lake has lots of boaters, some current due to the dam at Table Rock Lake and lots of fish.

The Ascend D10T is a sit-on top style kayak and has a fairly flat bottom. This makes the boat pretty stable and I have been able to access some pretty shallow water.

I have not tried to stand on the boat, as Lake Taneycomo is very cold water. It does handle the boat waves really well though.

It comes with a high back adjustable seat pad. The back, when placed correctly is pretty comfortable, but I will say the seat pad is not. I am still searching for a way to make it bearable for long periods of time.

It only has one storage pocket that is supposedly waterproof, but it is not big enough for my phone, so I do not use it. I highly recommend a dry bag for stuff.

There is a cup holder molded into the floor of the kayak to keep a bottle of water within easy access. It also has molded cubbies on either side of the seat, which are perfect for throwing stuff in.

The foot rests are adjustable and I do like that. The back of the kayak is flat and suitable for storing stuff and comes with an elastic bungee to keep everything secure.

The D10T has a handle on the front and on the back for carrying. It does weigh in at about 65lbs, so it is much too heavy for me to lift and carry on my own.


All in all, I think that the Ascend D10T is a great first sit-on top kayak. It is easy to get on and off of. Easy to fish from, and relatively inexpensive. I do have a few modifications on mine such as a rod holder and I have wheels to get it from the truck to the water.

Ascend 10T

The next kayak we are going to look at is the Ascend 10T. This one is very similar to the D10T with a couple of distinct differences.

While it is still a sit-on top at 10′-0″ in length it is only 31″ wide versus the 34″ width of the D10T. This one comes in several colors as well.

This boat also comes with a different type of Ascend seat. It is slightly raised off of the floor of the kayak with a metal frame, much like a stadium seat.

Due to it being slightly narrower than the D10T, the front is slightly rounder while the back is slightly narrower. It also has the adjustable foot pegs like the D10T.

Ascend 10T kayak specs

The Ascend 10T comes with the two standard carrying handles on the front and back, but it also has one on each side.

This in my opinion would make it a little easier to maneuver yourself, whether you were trying to load into a truck or on a car. As well as trying to get it to the water.

It is a little heavier than the D10T at 67lbs. Not sure 2 lbs would make much of a difference.

This kayak does sport two pole holders and several rings for connecting and securing stuff. It still only has the one waterproof storage hole, and the molded cup holder.

Ascend D10

This Ascend kayak is a sit-in type of kayak. It is technically only 9′-10″ in length and only 29″ wide. This in my opinion would affect the overall stability of the kayak, although, I believe it would be plenty stable for general recreational kayaking.

It does come with the Ascend metal framed seat that sits into the kayak on a molded side bracket. It is the lightest of all the Ascend kayaks at only 50lbs.

Ascend D10 kayak specs

This model comes with elastic paddle holders on both sides, a clip-on fabric cover on the back to keep your stuff in the kayak and possibly some water out.

It also has a cup holder and two molded cubbies in the top of the front of the kayak. Easy access from the seat.

The D10 also has elastic banding for securing stuff to the front and the back of the kayak. This one also sports carrying handles on the front and the back. This model also comes in two colors.

Ascend FS10

This a pretty cool Ascend model. Still, in the sit-in type and 10′-0″ length. It is 30″ wide and comes with the metal frame Ascend seat.

This kayak is set up for fishing with 2 flush mount pole holders and the area behind the seat is set up for a crate or tackle box, or just to hold gear.

It has the elastic banding over the back and the front for securing gear and one the sides for your paddle.

Ascend FS10 kayak specs

This model has a dash of sorts. Molded plastic with a cup holder, dry cubby and an open cubby ideal for small objects like lures or chapstick.

It has glide rails on either side of the dash to attach accessories too, such as cameras, fish finders etc.

This is a sharp looking boat and is available in 2 different colors. In my opinion it would make a great starter kayak if you were looking to get into some fishing and flat water kayaking.

Ascend H10

This model is relatively new as it is a Hybrid of a kayak and a canoe. The body style is very canoe like in its v-shape nose and tail. Wider in the middle and a deeper cavity.

This model is a single-seater with the metal framed Ascend seat that sits up off the floor.

The H10 has gear storage in the front and in the back behind the seat. Both have fabric coverings with hook fasteners to keep them closed.

There are no cup holders or other molded cubbies, but you have plenty of floor space for a cooler or tackle box. It has 2 pole holders and side glide rails on either side of the boat.

It also has the carrying handles on the front and back of the boat.

I believe this model would handle much like a canoe with the versatility of a kayak, how fun. It also comes in 2 basic colors and has the best weight capacity of the 10′-0″ models.

Ascend 10′ Boats all Wrapped Up

There you have it! That wraps up my take on the 10′ or less models of Ascend kayaks. I hope you find it helpful and informative.

I believe any of these boats would make a great first boat. Just consider your purpose and how much of a boat you want to manage.

Like I said earlier, mine is a little heavy for me to handle on my own, although, with some modification I manage. So, happy kayaking you all.

If any of you currently have an Ascend kayak let me know how you like it below. I would love to know.

Until next time!


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6 thoughts on “Ascend Kayak Reviews – Breakdown of the 10 ft models”

  1. Having the seat off the floor will keep your backside dryer. I have a kayak at the lake, it is a different model and it includes a storage compartment and several places to hold a fishing pole. My son likes to fish out of it, he is getting better at it.
    Having movable footrest is very important as I am very much taller than my son. What are the comfort things to look for when you are going to be in the kayak for a couple of hours, like on a float trip?

    • Hey John,
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post. That is awesome that you have a kayak at the lake.
      As far as comfort items, I look for a sturdy but adjustable back rest, the adjustable foot rests are important and the seat itself. I really like the seats
      that sit up off the floor, mine does not, so I am looking into a gel pad to sit on my seat. I also look at how easy and accessible things are to where I am sitting.
      Happy kayaking John

  2. Hi Annette,

    This is indeed a lovely review of Ascend models of Kayaks. Today, Kayaking is becoming such a popular sport that it has moved out of the arena of high-end special sports and has become a common water sport. I love kayaking too and have been toying with the idea of buying myself a kayak. The only problem is the huge cost involved. I wonder if 2nd hand kayaks are available from reliable sellers. maybe you could point me in that direction as well. 



    • Aparna, 

      Thanks for stopping in and spending some time here. You can find second hand kayaks in the typical places, such as Craigslist, Marketplace, yardsales, etc. The beauty of today it that you can also get new ones for a reasonable price. A couple of hundred bucks will get you an adequate play-around kayak. Whether it be an Ascend or another brand. Check out my post about Lightweight Kayaks for Women – Reduce the Hassle

  3. This is very good. The first time I ever went kayaking was last year and I really had so much fun doing it. I think it’s good that you can come up with a list on kayaking. I like this and I think I would really like this model a lot. They seem quite long and would be able to give the right kind of comfortable one will need.

    • Jay,

      Thank you for stopping in. I really like the 10 foot length. It provides plenty of space and stability, yet it manageable for one person. Ascend makes a good middle of the road product. Meaning they are quality and affordable. Hope you get a chance to try one at some point.


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