Kayaking in Missouri

I have a huge desire to get out on the water and explore our country. Right now I am in the Branson area, and I am going to focus on Kayaking in Missouri. While I am relatively new at the whole kayaking thing, there are a bunch of peeps out there that are not. Thankfully, … Read more

Fishing in Kayaks for Beginners

Do you like to fish? I love to fish and I have found that it is even more fun on a kayak! We are going to break down some basics of fishing in kayaks for beginners in this article. Choosing the Right Stuff Now, this is a very broad subject. Stuff encompasses a huge amount … Read more

Best Way to Store Kayaks

In this post we are going to talk about storage options for your kayak. Storing kayaks can be a task, depending on the length and the space you have available. So Let’s spend some time to find the best way to store kayaks. Inside or Outside Where are you planning on storing your kayak now … Read more

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