Best Kayak Fish Finders

Whether you are a serious angler that chooses to fish from a kayak or just a person that loves all the latest gadgets, check out what I found to be the best kayak fish finders out there to make finding fish easier. Why Do You Need A Fish Finder? Honestly, I do not know that … Read more

Best Kayaks for Kids in 2021

Are you looking to take your children out on the lake or the river with you? Why not? Let’s get them started, so they too can learn the joys of kayaking and being out in nature. We are going to take a look at the best kayaks for kids in 2021. Quick Pick Guide Lifetime … Read more

Best Automatic Inflatable Life Vest

We are going to take a look at the best automatic inflatable life vests on the market, and whether they are a good option for kayaking. The Importance of PFDs (personal flotation devices) We all know that PFD’s are a very important accessory when doing any kind of boating. Kayaking is no different. The only … Read more

Best Sit-On Top Kayaks of 2021

I personally prefer a good sit-on top kayak for a couple of reasons. They are personal reasons, but reasons non the less. I will tell you my reasons as we go through this review. We are going to take a look at what I would consider to be the best Sit-on top kayaks of 2021. … Read more

Best Way to Store Kayaks

In this post we are going to talk about storage options for your kayak. Storing kayaks can be a task, depending on the length and the space you have available. So Let’s spend some time to find the best way to store kayaks. Inside or Outside Where are you planning on storing your kayak now … Read more

Ascend Kayak Accessories

Okay, we have talked about Ascend kayaks, so Let’s see what Ascend kayak accessories are out there to trick them out. Cause you know you want the goodies and bling! Basic Accessories These are the accessories I think you just need to get you through the float trip. The first is the paddle, of course! … Read more

Ascend Fishing Kayaks

Let’s take a look at the Ascend Fishing Kayaks primarily sold at Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas. In this article we are going to focus on the 12′ kayaks. I discussed the 10′ FS10 model in a previous post. Why Ascend Why Ascend you ask? Well, cause that is what I have. LOL Also, the … Read more