The Best Dry Bags for Kayaking – 2021

Before we get started let me say that any links you click on in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I may get a commission from your purchase. It will not change your purchase price at all.

Dry Bags, Oh the options are endless it seems.

In this post we are going to review the best dry bags for kayaking in 2021.

I personally have an Ascend Dry Bag and really like it, but we are going to look at some other brands on the market and see where they rate. You can also check out my previous post about the Ascend bags here.


Before we get started let me say that any links you click on in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I may get a commission from your purchase. It will not change your purchase price at all.

EGO TPU Tactical Dry Gear Bag

Mother Nature Has Met Her Match!

That was the first line I encountered when researching this bag series. I say series, because the EGO TPU Tactical Dry Gear Bag comes in 3 basic sizes. The sizes are 30 liters, 55 liters, and 100 liters. These are duffel style bags which is different from the vertical design of most dry bags.

Made from the latest in dry bag technology, TPU fabric is strong, abrasion resistant, and is resistant to cold weather cracking. It is stronger, more flexible, and lighter-weight than PVC material.

All three sizes of the EGO bags sport molle loop strapping, g-hook closure systems and a zippered, roll top closure. They each have contoured shoulder straps and the 100 liter comes with a removable backpack strap system.

Inspired by artillery camouflage netting, these bags are pretty sporty looking.
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Some key features are:

  • Made of high-performance TPU fabric
  • Water-proof and resistant to abrasion
  • Zippered, roll-top design
  • RF welded seams
  • Zip-close pockets and molle straps
  • Top and side carry straps, removable shoulder strap
  • Cool Kryptek camo finish

I personally love the duffel style of this bag. I think it adds an easy storage option for kayaks. I also think it makes it very versatile.

Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag

As of the writing of this post the Earth-Pak waterproof bag was one of the best-sellers on Amazon.

These bags were produced by two guys looking to bring quality, durable gear to those that love the outdoors. They started with the 2 smaller bags in their line and have grown over the years. Made of 500D PVC material, these bags are great for all outdoor activities.

The Earth Pak line of bags are relatively in-expensive and have a multitude of color options as well as size options. They range in size from 10 L to 55 L and come in about 8 colors.

The 10 and 20 L bags come with a 24-42 inch shoulder strap while the 30 to 55 L bags come with a backpack strap, sternum strap and the new 55 L models sports a waist strap to further relieve the stress of carrying the weight.

Key Points for this bag are:

  • 500D PVC material
  • Roll-top nylon strap closure
  • Shoulder Strap on the 10L and 20L bags for easy carriage
  • Backpack style straps on larger bags with sternum strap for extra support
  • Includes an IPX certified waterproof phone case when purchased at Amazon

Based on the reviews that I read here are some Pros and Cons on these bags.


  • When closed properly, waterproof
  • Easy to handle, and carry with the shoulder strap
  • Great for all outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, camping, hiking, SUP, etc.


  • Some folks had trouble with the strap not holding up and coming loose from the bag
  • One review had an issue with the bag not holding air, which concerned them about it being waterproof

Over-all most people really liked this product, so it is understandable why it is a best-seller.

Unigear Dry Bag

This dry bag is made of 500D PVC material and is designed with the standard roll top type closure. They come in several sizes ranging from 2L to 40L.

Unigear has been around serving campers and hikers worldwide since 2014. Their bags are made with love and integrity. These bags are suited for all outdoor activities, whether you are planning a trip to the beach or kayaking down the nearest river.

They are waterproof, light-weight, durable and come in enough sizes to suit your needs.

Some key points are:

  • Waterproof
  • Made of 500D PVC material
  • Anti-leak, anti-tear, anti-abrasion for long-lasting durability
  • Welded seams
  • Singe strap on 2L-20L bags, backpack straps on larger bags
  • Double sewing around connection points of straps for extra durability
  • Floats
  • 6 sizes and 10 colors to choose from

The fact that you can get this bag in a 2L size just makes me happy. What a perfect size for keys, phones, cameras, etc.

Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Bag

This bag is constructed with cutting edge enineering which gives this bag a clear advantage over the average dry bag.

Made of  a unique combination of a 70-denier polyurethane-coated-nylon body and lid, and 40-denier nylon-face eVent waterproof/breathable laminate, the sea to summit waterproof bag lets you push the air out without the need for a purge valve.

This also ensures even pressure distribution.  Ordinary dry bags can balloon or pop open from uneven pressure. The sea to summit bag has 4 compression straps to ensure a minimal footprint, while the Hypalon roll-top non-wicking closure provides a secure seal.

These bags also sport a Manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.

The sea to summit bag comes in 4 basic sizes, ranging from the small at 10L, the med. at 14L, Large at 20L and the XL at 30L. That gives us a choice of sizes to handle just about anything we would need to keep dry.

  • 70-Denier Polyurethane coated nylon-body and lid
  • 40-Denier  Nylon-face eVent waterproof/breathable laminate
  • Waterproof, as long as the bag is not totally submerged for a period of time
  • Allows air to be pushed out of the bag, no need for a purge valve
  • 4 compression straps
  • Lighter and easier than other dry bags
  • Hypalon roll-top closure
  • Durable and versatile

After watching several videos about these bags I am convinced that they are a great option to take kayaking. Easy to use, can be compressed to save space and 100% waterproof.

Luck route Dry Bag – Waterproof Backpack

Okay, so I have shown you a duffel style, some traditional styles and now a backpack. This Luck Route dry bag – backpack has all the qualities of the other dry bags, but it also has the extra pockets of a backpack. Now the exterior pockets are not waterproof, but depending on what you want to put in them you could use a zip lock baggie to help with that.

This is a 20L bag and is made of the 500D PVC material that is very common in dry bags. Providing you with durable, anti-tear, waterproof security for your belongings.

The big difference with this bag and the others is the extra compartments and pockets. Included on the 20L bag is a side bottle foldable pocket with a zipper. Inside the bag for double protection is a pocket for your mobile device. It has inner and outer d-rings, the extra d-ring is not for your straps.

It also has an outer front pocket with a zipper and velco, inside there is also an all-size touch screen, reflective cell phone pouch bag. The yellow bag also has a reflective cover on the front pocket for visibility.

Key Features are:

  • Made with 500D PVC material
  • extra D-ring and pockets
  • comes in 2 colors (black and high vis yellow)
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to carry with backpack straps

This backpack dry bag would be great for anyone who wants to go kayaking, hiking, camping or even just walking to class at college. It would easily carry a small laptop and protect it from the rain.

Things to Think About

A few things I want you to consider when choosing a dry bag are:

  1. What are you putting in it? This is going to determine what size or capacity yo are going to need. Also, it may determine if you need more than one.
  2. What activities are you using it for? Are you getting it to go camping, kayaking, boating or to haul your laptop to class? This could help you decide if you want a duffel style or backpack style, or if a traditional style will suit your needs just fine.
  3. Ease of Use, you want to be able to get into easily, especially if you are kayaking and want to be able to access your camera quickly.


Although all of these bags are touted as waterproof, please test them prior to placing your expensive equipment in one and throwing it in the water. One just never knows.

Plus, make sure you properly close your bag for absolute best results. The roll-top type of bags require 3- 5 rolls before you clip the buckle for maximum protection. This is also going to affect the capacity of your bag.

Nearing the End

I think I have given you some pretty great options in the market of waterproof dry bags. Not only are these bags great for all your outdoor activities, but they make great gifts as well. Do you have a kayaker, fisherman, hiker or even a college student in your family? I bet you do.

A dry bag is a must have if you are kayaking or boating and want to keep certain things dry. Hope this post helped you make a decision as to what you need for your outdoor life.

Thanks for stopping in and spending some time with me today.

Until next time!

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  1. Hello!

    I did not know the name of these type of bags until a week ago, so thank so much for the information! I was actually looking for this earlier this week for my cousin, who is an outdoor fanatic and I eventually found it and ordered it! 

    Man this article would have saved me so much time and research because you already did it!! 

    Keep Being AMAZING and thank you for this informative article!

    • Thank you for stopping in and spending some time. I am so glad you found what you were looking for. If I can help any other way, don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Hi!  Excellent article, thank you.  I wasn’t actually looking for a dry bag for kayaking, what I was looking for was a small waterproof bag for my cellphone and such.  Maybe a tad bigger so I can include my Kindle, too.  I’ve been searching for a decent, and inexpensive, option since I was invited to go out on the bayou recently.  Now I’m nervous about this as I kind of want my bag alligator proof, too, but I’m thinking that’s not likely to be included in a small bag, huh?  Anyway, thanks for pointing out the size of the Unigear Dry Bag, I’m definitely going to check it out.  Thanks again!

    • Thank you for stopping in and reading. I hope that the Unigear bag will fit your needs. I am not sure about the alligator proof part though, LOL. 

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  3. Thanks for this amazing article, kayaking is a very interesting thing to do and I really love the idea of you considering to make this article, it is very helpful and it’ll make it easier for people to choose the best dry bags that suits their needs, I love the bags you have reviewed here  they are nice and and very durable too, I’d love to get one.

    • Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to leave your comment. Dry bags are great for kayaking and they can come in handy for any occasion that you would have where you need to protect something from water.

  4. I have heard about this before but I have not actually considered it. Seeing that you have given more overview here makes it all better. Kayaking is a great experience if you love it. I am personally a big fan of kayaking and I really fancy whenever I see details like this too that can help enhance us with it. This is great to see here and thank you for sharing here. Thanks

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